Okoboji Skin Care

A medical skincare clinic in Northwest Iowa

Okoboji Skin Care is home to the Alma Soprano Light Laser Hair Removal Machine.

The world’s best-selling laser hair removal*
technology installed in over
3,500 clinics worldwide and virtually pain free.

To achieve full results 4-12 treatments are required. It is imperative to know that laser hair removal provides effective hair REDUCTION. No laser hair removal treatment provides permanent hair removal without minor hair growth returning years later.  

It is vital for clients to schedule their treatments 6 weeks apart and complete their laser treatments as recommended.  Okoboji Skin Care has been performing laser hair removal successfully for over 8 years while following this regiment.

Laser hair removal provides effective hair reduction on dark, medium to coarse hair, and will not work on light, blonde, grey, white, red, or vellus hair.  All skin types can be treated successfully with our medical grade laser machine including dark and tanned skin.



Face (Lower half only, includes lip, lip chin, and cheeks)      $260 per treatment

Lip Area                                                $110 per treatment

Chin                                                      $110 per treatment

Back Neck                                             $110 per treatment

Underarm                                              $200 per treatment

Full Arm                                                 $200 per treatment

Upper Back                                            $200 per treatment

Lower Back                                            $210 per treatment

Full Back                                                $420 per treatment

Chest                                                      $420 per treatment

Nipple Area                                           $110 per treatment

Full Stomach                                           $210 per treatment

Belly Trail (Area around belly button and trailing down)      $110 per treatment

Regular Bikini (Area exposed when wearing full underwear)  $210 per treatment

Modest Bikini (Leaves only a landing strip)                        $210 per treatment

Extended Bikini (Area of pubic hair that extends onto upper thigh)    $260 per treatment

Brazilian Bikini                                          $260 per treatment

Full Thigh                                                   $200 per treatment

Half Leg: from the knee to ankle                $200 per treatment

Full Leg                                                      $350  per treatment

Fingers                                                       $110 per treatment

Toes                                                           $110 per treatment

Full Body (Includes everything above)                                $2,500 per treatment