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Common Questions about Lash Extensions:

How long do synthetic mink lash extensions last?  5-8 weeks

What type of care is needed after my extensions are applied?  It's pretty simple really, NO oil based makeup removers and caution with exposure to saunas or hot tubs.  Also, don't touch the extensions too much, be very gentle and avoid wearing mascara if possible, they will last longer!  We have some fabulous eye make up removers that we can recommend.  

Are synthetic mink extensions waterproof?  Yes!  

Are they sweat proof?  Yes! 

How often will I need a fill?  We recommend you schedule a fill in 2-3 weeks after your initial full set of lash extensions. 

Are lash extensions safe on my sensitive eye area?  Yes.  All products used at the Okoboji Skin Care clinic are formulated to be free of ingredients that would harm the eye area. However, if you are a sensitive type and have a special event that you are planning on wearing extensions for, we recommend planning your application at least a week in advance.

Can I swim right after my application?  Yes!  We do recommend waiting at least 1-2 hours before jumping in the lake!

Can I schedule a tint on my lashes right before my extensions are applied?   Yes!  We do recommend tinting lashes for those who have blonde or light brown lashes before applying the extensions.

What is the difference between a classic set of lash extensions and a volume set?  Classic extensions are meant to look more natural, long, clean, and add thickness.  Volume sets are a cluster of 3-4 lashes on each extension, they look more dramatic, less authentic and have a more bold, thick and artificial appearance.  We only offer classic at Okoboji Skin Care.

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Eyelash Extensions Menu:

Classic Full Set of Synthetic Mink Extensions - $250

Classic Full Fill - $100 (one hour appointment)

Removal of Lash Extensions - $40

Eye Lash Tinting - $15