Okoboji Skin Care

A medical skincare clinic in Northwest Iowa

Lash Lift: $65

Lash Lift and Tint:$75

OSC lash lift #1.jpeg
OSC lash lift #2.jpeg

Common Questions:

How long is the service?  45 Minutes

How long will my lift and tint last?  8-10 Weeks

Can I still wear mascara?  Yes!  We have some great options in our clinic.

Is it safe for my lashes?  Absolutely.  We recommend waiting 8-10 weeks in between lash lifts for the health of your lashes.

Can I still use a lash growing serum?  Yes!  There is no reason to stop using a lash growing serum if you have a lash lift done.  Your lashes will just grow out of the lift a little faster than 8-10 weeks.  

Is it relaxing?  Absolutely.  The clients eyes are closed during the 45 minute service and many of our clients fall asleep.

Do you take before and after photos?  Yes!  We can email you before and after photos of your service so you can see the difference that a lash lift makes.